Pittsfield’s Greening the Gateway City Program

Can I get a FREE tree?

  • Do you live in the target area in Pittsfield, MA? (see map below)
  • If you do, please call 617-626-1515 to talk with our forester to see what tree or trees might be able to be planted on your property.
  • If you are a renter, you could encourage your landlord to call.

    Map showing Pittsfield GGCP planting zone

    Pittsfield GGCP planting zone in green


What are the benefits of having more trees?

This programs aims at reducing energy use in the surrounding neighborhoods, but there are many benefits of having more trees in these neighborhoods!

Some of the benefits of trees

Click here to read more about the Massachusetts Greening the Gateway Cities Program (GGCP) and how this will save energy in Pittsfield neighborhoods.

BEAT is working with many others to make the Pittsfield Greening the Gateway City Program a success. In addition to our state partners and the City of Pittsfield, we would like to thank:

Our many wonderful volunteers who put in 523 hours watering young trees and going door-to-door letting people know about the possibility of receiving free trees, professionally planted for free.

  • Pittsfield Tree Watch – a volunteer group organized to promote beauty in the City of Pittsfield and enhance its environment. Meetings held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Ralph Froio Senior Center, 330 North St, Pittsfield. For more information, please call 413-443-7942.
  • Heart to Heart Ministries – check out their Facebook page
  • The Westside Initiative – The vision for the Westside is: to have residents who are of mixed cultures and incomes; be a place where youth can grow up and develop fully; and also be a safe, affordable, attractive neighborhood to live in.
  • Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity – brings people together to build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.
  • The Christian Center – the oldest human service organization in the Berkshires, serving the community for more than 120 years.







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