Opportunities to make a difference for the environment!  If any of the ideas below appeal to you, send us an email .

Invasive Kiwi Eradication: We have a number of volunteer opportunities on a regular basis as we tackle this destructive invasive vine in the Berkshires.

Invasive Hardy Kiwi Cut & Pull VolunteersHardy kiwi removal Nov 2015 4
Year-round, Thursday mornings, 8:30 – 10:00 am
Location: Meet at Burbank Park on Onota Lake, off Valentine Road, Pittsfield
Get your morning exercise and help eradicate this destructive invasive at the same time! Gloves and tools will be provided, but we encourage you to bring extra tools if you have them (loppers, pruning sheers, and pruning saws). Hardy Kiwi is an exotic invasive ornamental that threatens forests in western Massachusetts through complete domination of mature trees. Once it germinates, it will climb surrounding vegetation and eventually kill support. It has become a major problem in places such as Kennedy Park and Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, and has now spread to Burbank Park. Contact: Please call Jane Winn at [email protected] or call 413-230-7321 if you are planning to attend.

Greening the Gateway Cities Program – Pittsfield: BEAT has been chosen to 13631479_897215033739156_4294584692565867957_ncoordinate, conduct outreach and education, and assist with watering for this statewide program that provides free trees to residents in environmental justice neighborhoods. Help us spread the word and water young trees!

Door-to-door Outreach Volunteers
February and March, 2017
BEAT is looking for volunteers to go door-to-door with us throughout the tree-planting area of Pittsfield for the Greening the Gateway Cities program. We are going to try to cover all target areas in February and March. We will be going door to door telling people that they may call the forester to find out about possibly getting one or more FREE 8-10′ tall trees, planted for free, on their property. We will also have Mass Save information on how to get a free home energy assessment with free light bulbs and some weatherization and possible great discounts on more weatherization and insulation.
Contact: Jane Winn at  [email protected] or 413-230-7321.

Watering Volunteers
March/April through November 2017
Work shifts:
about 1-2 hours per week
Help water young trees planted through the Greening the Gateway Cities program! Volunteers work together in teams. Hoses provided.
Contact:  Jane Winn at [email protected] or 413-230-7321.

Research: Do you want to do a little investigating?  We have investigations involving field work and investigations involving office work.

Wildlife Tracking: Would you like to become a wildlife tracker?

BEAT hosts the Berkshire Tracking in snowWildlife Trackers, and the BEAT Wildlife Tracking Club is out on the land twice monthly – 1st Wednesday and 3rd Saturday of the month. Train to become a wildlife tracker and then use your new skills to help protect wildlife habitat!

Contact: Elia Del Molino at [email protected]


River Cleanups: Each year, BEAT hosts and co-hosts a number of river cleanups.

Remember how much fun it was when you were a kid, jumping into streams and rivers and playing in the mud?  We’ll give you an opportunity to do that again.  There are plenty of ways to help without getting your feet wet, too.



Image of BEAT team surveying wetlands along the Housatonic River

Help support BEAT and our work to protect wetlands.

Stream Crossing Surveys: A stream crossing is any place where a stream intersects a road. Help support BEAT and our work to protect wetlands.


BEAT is participating in a study to map, describe, and catalog every streamcrossing in Berkshire County.  This information will be used to improve these crossings and facilitate the movement of wildlife.



Vernal Pools: Vernal pools are fragile habitats that support an amazing diversity of wildlife.  If you would like to learn how you can find and protect these habitats, we can help you – and you can help us.

Website/Database: BEAT maintains a very large website.  We could use your help – especially if you know a little HTML or mysql and php.

General Help: There’s always work to be done.  Let us know if you’d like to help but don’t see a category that fits.

Surprise Us! Do you have a special skill that might be helpful to us, or do you have an idea for a volunteer project?  Talk to us.


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