Find Your Western Massachusetts Legislator.

At the state and federal level, you are represented by two US senators, a US representative, a state senator, and a state representative.  Use this page to find the state and US legislators representing you (including contact information and committee assignments).

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US Senators: Warren and Markey are the US senators for the entire state.

  • Elizabeth Warren

  • In Washington:317 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington D.C. 20510

  • Telephone: (202) 224-4543

  • In Boston: 2400 JFK Federal Building, 15 New Sudbury Street, Boston, MA 02203

  • Telephone: (617) 565-3170

  • In Springfield: 1550 Main Street, Suite 406, Springfield, MA 01103

  • Telephone: (413) 788-2690

  • Website:

  • Twitter: @SenWarren

updated 2/3/17

  • Senator Edward Markey

  • In Washington:218 255 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington D.C. 20510

  • Telephone: (202) 224-2742

  • In Boston: 975 JFK Federal Building, 15 New Sudbury Street, Boston, MA 02222

  • Telephone: (617) 565-8519

  • In Springfield: 1550 Main Street, 4th Floor Springfield, MA 01101

  • Telephone: (413) 785-4610

  • Website:

  • Twitter: @SenMarkey

US Representatives

Each town or city in western Massachusetts is in one of two federal districts. The Massachusetts 1st District is represented by Congressman Neal, and the Massachusetts 2nd District is represented by Congressman McGovern. They are US representatives in Washington, not state representatives in Boston. If you live farther east in Massachusetts, you can find your US representative (congressperson) here.

United States Representative Richard E. Neal

map of Massachusetts 1st congressional district
Berkshire County
Adams, Alford, Becket, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Dalton, Egremont, Florida, Great Barrington, Hancock, Hinsdale, Lanesborough, Lee, Lenox, Monterey, Mount Washington, New Ashford, New Marlborough, NORTH ADAMS, Otis, Peru, PITTSFIELD, Richmond, Sandisfield, Savoy, Sheffield, Stockbridge, Tyringham, Washington, West Stockbridge, Williamstown, Windsor Franklin County Ashfield, Bernardston, Buckland, Charlemont, Colrain, Conway, Hawley, Heath, Leyden, Monroe, Rowe, Shelburne Hampden County Agawam, Blandford, Brimfield, Chester, CHICOPEE, East Longmeadow, Granville, Hampden, Holland, HOLYOKE, Longmeadow, Ludlow, Monson, Montgomery, Palmer - Pcts. 1, 2, 3, 4, Russell, Southwick, SPRINGFIELD, Tolland, Wales, West Springfield, WESTFIELD, Wilbraham Hampshire County Chesterfield, Cummington, Easthampton, Goshen, Granby, Huntington, Middlefield, Plainfield, South Hadley, Southampton, Westhampton, Williamsburg , Worthington Brookfield, Charlton, Dudley, East Brookfield, Southbridge, Sturbridge, Warren

United States Representative Jim McGovern

map of Massachusetts 2nd congressional district
Amherst, Athol, Auburn, Barre, Belchertown, Bellingham, Blackstone, Boylston, Deerfield, Douglas, Erving, Gill, Grafton, Greenfield, Hadley, Hardwick, Hatfield, Holden, Hubbardston, Leicester, Leominster, Leverett, Mendon, Millbury, Millville, Montague, New Braintree, New Salem, North Brookfield, Northampton, Northborough, Northbridge, Northfield, Oakham, Orange, Oxford, Palmer, Paxton, Pelham, Petersham, Phillipston, Princeton, Royalston, Rutland, Shrewsbury, Shutesbury, Spencer, Sterling, Sunderland, Sutton, Templeton, Upton, Uxbridge, Ware, Warwick, Webster, Wendell, West Boylston, West Brookfield, Westborough, Whately, Winchendon, Worcester

  • Washington Office:
    341 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington D.C. 20515
    phone: (202) 225-5601
    fax: (202) 225-8112

  • Pittsfield Office:
    78 Center Street
    Pittsfield, MA 01201
    phone: (413) 442-0946 
    fax: (413) 443-2792

  • Springfield Office:
    300 State Street, Suite 200
    Springfield, MA 01105
    phone: (413) 785-0325 
    fax: (413) 747-0604

  • Website:
    Twitter: @RepRichardNeal

updated 2/3/17

  • Washington Office:
    438 Cannon House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
    phone: 202-225-6101
    fax: 202-225-5759
    hours: M-F 9-5:30pm

  • Leominster District Office:
    24 Church Street, Room 29
    Leominster, MA 01453
    phone: 978-466-3552
    fax: 978-466-3973
    hours: M-F 9-5:00pm

  • Northampton District Office:
    94 Pleasant Street
    Northampton, MA 01060
    phone: 413-341-8700
    fax: 413-584-1216
    hours: M-F 9-5:00pm

  • Worcester District Office:
    12 East Worcester Street
    Suite 1
    Worcester, MA 01604
    phone: 508-831-7356
    fax: 508-754-0982
    hours: M-F 9-5:00pm

  • Website:
    Twitter: @RepMcGovern

State Senators

There are three state senate districts in western Massachusetts. Senator Downing represents all of Berkshire County and parts of Franklin, Hampshire, and Hampden Counties; Senator Rosenberg, who is also the Senate President, represents part of Franklin County, Part of Hampshire County, and the town of Royalston in Worcester County; Senator Humason represents part of Hamden and part of Hampshire Counties, and Senator Lesser represents the First Hampden and Hampshire District. If you live in another part of the state, you can find your state senator here.

Senator Adam G. Hinds

A map of the Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden Senate District
Senator Hinds represents all of Berkshire County and parts of Franklin, Hampshire, and Hampden Counties. Towns outside of Berkshire County represented by Senator Hinds are: Chesterfield, Cummington, Goshen, Huntington, Middlefield, Plainfield, Westhampton, Williamsburg, and Worthington in Hampshire County; Ashfield, Buckland, Charlemont, Conway, Hawley, Heath, Monroe, Rowe, and Shelburne in Franklin County; and Blandfold and Chester in Hampden County.
Adam G. Hinds
(Berkshire, Hampshire & Franklin)

Updated Feb 17, 2017

Senator Stanley Rosenberg

map of Senator Stan Rosenbergs district
Senator Rosenberg represents the city of Northampton and the towns of Amherst, Hadley, Hatfield, Pelham and South Hadley in the county of Hampshire; the towns of Bernardston, Colrain, Deerfield, Erving, Gill, Greenfield, Leverett, Leyden, Montague, New Salem, Northfield, Orange, Shutesbury, Sunderland, Warwick, Wendell and Whatley in the county of Franklin; and the town of Royalston in the county of Worcester.
Stanley Rosenberg
(Hampshire, Franklin, Worcester)
Senate President

Senator Donald F. Humason, Jr.

map of Senator Humason's district.
Senator Humason represents the cities of Chicopee, ward 7, precincts A and B, ward 8, precinct A, ward 9, precinct A, Holyoke and Westfield and the towns of Agawam, Granville, Montgomery, Russell, Southwick and Tolland, in the county of Hampden; and the towns of Easthampton and Southampton in the county of Hampshire.
Donald F. Humason, Jr.
(Second Hampden, Hampshire)
updated 2/17/17

Senator Eric P. Lesser

map of Senator Lesser's district.
Senator Lesser represents the cities of Chicopee, ward 1, precincts A and B, ward 5, precincts A and B, ward 6, precincts A and B, ward 8, precinct B and ward 9, precinct B and Springfield, ward 2, precinct G, ward 4, precinct F, ward 5, precincts D, F, G and H, ward 6, precincts B, D and H, ward 7 and ward 8, precinct A and the towns of East Longmeadow, Hampden, Longmeadow, Ludlow and Wilbraham in the county of Hampden; and the towns of Belchertown and Granby in the county of Hampshire.
Eric P. Lesser
(First Hampden, Hampshire)

updated 2/17/17

Senator Anne M. Gobi

map of Senator Gobi's district.

Senator Gobi represents the towns of Ashburnham, Athol, Barre, Brookfield, Charlton, East Brookfield, Hardwick, Hubbardston, New Braintree, North Brookfield, Oakham, Paxton, Petersham, Phillipston, Rutland, Spencer, Sturbridge, Templeton, Warren, West Brookfield and Winchendon in the county of Worcester; the towns of Brimfield, Holland, Monson, Palmer and Wales in the county of Hampden; the town of Ware in the county of Hampshire; and the town of Ashby in the county of Middlesex.
Anne M. Gobi
(Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire, and Middlesex)

updated 2/17/17


Find your state representative by town. Scroll up for US senators, US representatives, and state senators.
Or visit the MA "Find My Legislator" page.
Adams, Agawam, Alford, Amherst, Ashfield, Athol, Becket, Belchertown (Precinct A), Bernardston, Blandford, Brimfield, Buckland, Charlemont, Cheshire, Chester, Chesterfield, Chicopee, ClarksburgColrain, Conway, Cummington, Dalton, Deerfield, East Longmeadow Percinct 1: Easthampton, Egremont, Erving, , Florida, Gill, Goshen, Granby Precinct 1, Granby Precinct 2, Granville, Great Barrington, Greenfield, Hadley, Hampton, Hancock, Hatfield, Hawley, Heath, Hinsdale, Holland, Holyoke, Huntington, Lanesborough, Lee, Lenox, Leverett, Leyden, Longmeadow, Ludlow, Middlefield, Monroe, Monson, Montague, Monterey, Montgomery, Mount Washington, New Ashford, New Marlborough, New Salem, North Adams, Northfield, Northampton, Orange, Otis, Palmer, Pelham, Peru, Petersham, Phillipston, Pittsfield Ward 1 Precinct B, Pittsfield other than Ward 1 Precinct B, Plainfield, Richmond, Rowe, Royalston, Russell, Sandisfield, Savoy, Sheffield, Shelburne, Shutesbury, South Hadley, Southampton, Southwick, Springfield: Ward 6: Precincts C, D, G, H, Ward 7: Precincts B, C, D, E, G;, Stockbridge, Sturbridge, Sunderland, Templeton, Tolland, Tyringham, Wales, Ware Precincts B and C, Warren, Warwick, Washington, Wendell, West Springfield, West Stockbridge, Westfield, Westhampton, Whately, Wilbraham. Williamsburg, Williamstown, Windsor, Worthington


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